Chapter 1 – “Take the plunge” (July 4th)

There it was. Finally – or inevitably? I have waited almost a year for this day to come.

July 11th 2012: That’s when we had to hand in our applications for the South Africa exchange program.

July 4th 2013: Lufthansa LH 572 – Airbus A 380 – departure time 10:05pm.

Was I excited? Hell yeah! Was I happy? …..

When these big moments in your life come closer and closer, you usually don’t even have time to reflect on this. You have heaps of paperwork to do, for your home university, the university abroad, your flight, your housing, your courses and, the big one, your visa! Now it goes without saying that your visa arriving *2* days before your flight goes isn’t relaxing in ANY sense of the word. I really don’t wanna go into detail about this, let’s just say that whenever possible, avoid the South African embassy in Munich, since these people seem to have combined South African laissez-faire work with an irritatingly unfriendly German attitude – LETHAL!

Even regardless of that, there’s too much to do, too many people you’d like to say goodbye to before you go, but simply not enough time. You can only stay an hour when really you wanna stay for lunch, and a cup of tea, and some more time after that. The only consolation is that I will see all these people again – and they will (hopefully :P) still be my friends. But how do you say goodbye to people you might NEVER see again, be it because they are old or because they are very sick? It’s a peculiar feeling for certain. I got reminded that life indeed is a once in a lifetime experience. When you’re young, you think that there will always be time to do everything, anything, and do it again, whenever you like, so it’s weird to feel that some things might be final. And there’s no real consolation for that, apart maybe from the vague idea that some things are meant to be the way they are – but right now I don’t even know what that means exactly. Whether it’s true or rather a camouflage, opium in Marx’ sense, to make it easier to let go. I tried to make sense of that while I was sitting on the plane, with no result whatsoever, but I decided that it’s probably one of those odd things people talk about when they say “oh, that’s part of growing up”.

Anyway, as I was sitting in my seat (window btw 😀 ), I realized that that’s really it. Nothing more for me to do. For some reason I thought of this as a round in a BP tournament, where 15 minutes of preparation can never ever be enough to deliver an excellent speech. As soon as you start to get a first idea of what this all might be about, prep time’s up! On the other hand, you can never be fully prepared, so at some point you just have to take the plunge. And that’s what I did.