Chapter 3 – “Change” (July 7th)

Peninsula tour!

I would finally go back to Cape Point, after 6 years! Needless to say I was super excited, since it was at this very spot where I had fallen head over heels for this beautiful country in 2007.

Back then, we had 35°, no clouds. Now – quite different: 12°, rain, clouds, Table Mountain completely devoured by fog (silly me thinking the Misty Mountain in Lord of the Rings was in New Zealand :P). I don’t wanna write too much about this tour, since the pictures speak for themselves, and albeit misty, cold and rainy, we experienced a truly beautiful and magical atmosphere there.

The one thing I realized though after we walked up to the lighthouse to enjoy a 360° view of the Cape was that this place hadn’t changed at all. It was still the same it had been 6 years ago, the only thing that has indeed changed is…well…ME! I looked back on the past 6 years, reflecting on what I have accomplished, what the path looks like I have taken and decisions I have made. And to be honest, when standing up there, having this beautiful view and contemplating these things, I had a very simple but very beautiful feeling – peace of mind!


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